The Bart Harding Secret

If you are a fan of magic involving memorized decks or algorithmic stacks, you may wish to check out the following manuscript, called The Bart Harding Secret.  As many of you may know, Darwin Ortiz published a method of transforming a deck from New Deck Order (NDO) into Si Stebbins order, which he called the The Si Stebbins Secret.  Similarly, the Bart Harding Secret describes how to transform a deck from NDO to the Bart Harding Stack (BHS).  Although the Si Stebbins stack is highly versatile, one drawback is that it does not look very random, and so many magicians will not use it for effects in which the spectators will see the faces of the cards.  By contrast, the BHS sequence looks completely random, and thus overcomes this issue.  And now, with the Bart Harding Secret you can quickly and easily (albeit with some practice) take a deck from NDO to BHS (and vice versa).

Click below for a free download of the PUBLIC version of the manuscript (all secrets redacted):

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