Secrets of Astral Projection

I first read about astral projection when I was a teenager, but thought it either wasn’t real or was something only a rare few could do.  Years later, I learned about lucid dreaming and, after practicing some of those techniques, managed to have some within a few months. But although the phenomenon was interesting, it didn’t seem earth shattering.

Many years went by, and I didn’t think more about astral projection (and only rarely about lucid dreaming).  More recently, however, I again became interested in some esoteric areas. For one, I became intrigued by the concept of reincarnation based on the book “Return to Life” by Jim Tucker, which discusses instances in which young children have recalled verifiable details of a past life that they seemingly couldn’t have learned through “normal” means. I also became interested in mental visualization (primarily, how to improve my own) and in the process studied meditation techniques devoted to enhancing our so-called “third eye.”

At this time, I was also reading “The Seth Material” by Jane Roberts, which discusses her apparent channeling of a higher dimensional entity, and in the process covers concepts as diverse as reincarnation, remote viewing, and the true nature of reality.  Throughout this research, I learned about the apparent connections between remote viewing, our “third eye,” and astral projection, and so I started reading everything I could find on astral projection.

I eventually managed to have a prolonged out of body experience, as well several shorter ones, but it took a fair bit of trial and error.  In particular, there is so much material “out there” that it was confusing to determine where to start or what would work best.  As a result, I decided to put together a short document revealing what I found to be the key techniques to actually learn to astral project in a relatively short period of time (i.e., a few weeks). To that end, I present “Secrets of Astral Projection.”

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