Secrets of Astral Projection

I first read about astral projection when I was a teenager, but thought it either wasn’t real or was something only a rare few could do.  Years later, I learned about lucid dreaming and, after practicing some of those techniques, managed to have some within a few months. But although the phenomenon was interesting, it didn’t seem earth shattering.

Many years went by, and I didn’t think more about astral projection (and only rarely about lucid dreaming).  More recently, however, I again became interested in some esoteric areas. For one, I became intrigued by the concept of reincarnation based on the book “Return to Life” by Jim Tucker, which discusses instances in which young children have recalled verifiable details of a past life that they seemingly couldn’t have learned through “normal” means. I also became interested in mental visualization (primarily, how to improve my own) and in the process studied meditation techniques devoted to enhancing our so-called “third eye.”

At this time, I was also reading “The Seth Material” by Jane Roberts, which discusses her apparent channeling of a higher dimensional entity, and in the process covers concepts as diverse as reincarnation, remote viewing, and the true nature of reality.  Throughout this research, I learned about the apparent connections between remote viewing, our “third eye,” and astral projection, and so I started reading everything I could find on astral projection.

I eventually managed to have a prolonged out of body experience, as well several shorter ones, but it took a fair bit of trial and error.  In particular, there is so much material “out there” that it was confusing to determine where to start or what would work best.  As a result, I decided to put together a short document revealing what I found to be the key techniques to actually learn to astral project in a relatively short period of time (i.e., a few weeks). To that end, I present “Secrets of Astral Projection.”

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The Knotangler

The Knotangler (pronounced, “no tangler”) is an extremely simple yet versatile knot. I call it the Knotangler because one of its primary uses is to prevent tangles in ropes, cords, and – perhaps most often – electrical and computer cables. By way of example, I use it on USB charging cables and headphone cords on a daily basis.

I “developed” the Knotangler in 2006 on an Alaskan fishing trip. I’m sure the knot has been independently developed by others, but I have not seen it in any book. It is nearly the same as the “Coil” in John Cassidy’s The Klutz Book of Knots (1985), but the Knotangler is tied slightly differently and has some variations (as shown herein, those differences and variations allow the Knotangler to be extremely useful in a variety of situations).

The Forty-Day Hunger Diet

The Forty-Day Hunger Diet is a diet requiring no exercise, yet it is both fast (substantial weight loss in a short period of time) and real (the weight loss is not merely water loss). I followed the diet earlier this year to lose 25.2 lbs in 39 days. For comparison purposes, I’m a 42-year-old male, and I went from 208.4 lbs to 183.2 lbs.



The Bart Harding Secret

If you are a fan of magic involving memorized decks or algorithmic stacks, you may wish to check out the following manuscript, called The Bart Harding Secret.  As many of you may know, Darwin Ortiz published a method of transforming a deck from New Deck Order (NDO) into Si Stebbins order, which he called the The Si Stebbins Secret.  Similarly, the Bart Harding Secret describes how to transform a deck from NDO to the Bart Harding Stack (BHS).  Although the Si Stebbins stack is highly versatile, one drawback is that it does not look very random, and so many magicians will not use it for effects in which the spectators will see the faces of the cards.  By contrast, the BHS sequence looks completely random, and thus overcomes this issue.  And now, with the Bart Harding Secret you can quickly and easily (albeit with some practice) take a deck from NDO to BHS (and vice versa).

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